Followers of Christ making disciples by engaging in community.

Core Values:

  • Inward (Personal Growth) - Disciple our own people.

  • Outward (Larger Footprint) - Create and maintain community outreach.

  • Onward (The Lost) - Pray for and reach the lost.

Hilltop Church is not part of a denomination, which causes many people to wonder what kind of church we are.  Being independent means that we are self-governed and self-supporting and that we are not tied to a larger denomination.


This independence does not mean that we are free from all authority, though!  Our guide for all that we do is the authority found in God's word, his revelation to us.  Our goal is to live according to the principles that God has given us in the Bible.


We are a "community" church because we have a wide range of people with many different backgrounds who worship with us.  We encourage freedom in areas where God has given us freedom while, at the same time, holding firmly to the basics of the faith.  The different traditions of the individuals in our fellowship have given us all a more valuable walk with the Lord.


We are also a "community" church because we are committed to being servants to our community.  We want to have an impact on those who live around us like the believers of the early church had in their community.