Job Opportunities

Worship and Youth Staff


Position Purpose:

The Worship and Youth Ministry Staff position exists to provide oversight, training, and hands-on leadership for these two critical

areas of ministry at Hilltop Community Church. This position is full time and is divided between youth (25%) and worship (75%).


Experience and Education:

The candidate must have experience working with youth and music, including theological training and ability to play an instrument and lead a group of musicians in worship at church functions. He/she must also have strong organizational skills and be able to provide excellent leadership to a small group of volunteers, including parents of young people as well as musicians in the church.


  • Follower of Christ, passionate about God, His Word and His world.

  • Regular attender (or intending to become one) and enthusiastic supporter of HCC’s mission and vision.

  • Passionate about working with young people.

  • Above reproach and highest degree of personal integrity.


  • The candidate must fully agree with Hilltop Community Church’s statement of faith.

  • The candidate must fully embrace and champion Hilltop Community Church’s mission and vision.

  • The candidate must agree to work under the authority and supervision of the Lead Pastor and the Elder Team.



  • Under the guidance of the Youth Pastor, you will be capable of designing and help execute an excellent plan for teaching and discipling young people, helping them engage in the mission to reach Christ’s other friends, and create a safe and fun environment where young people are not afraid to be vulnerable and are encouraged to become more and more like Christ.

  • Relate to parents of young people well, developing a culture of shared ownership and collaboration in the ministry pertaining to that department.

  • Able to teach God’s Word in a way that reflects substance and at the same time relates creatively to the day-to-day life of students.

  • Help with other duties as appropriate.


  • Capable of mobilizing and coaching a small group of volunteer musicians in the church.

  • Able to lead worship functions at the church, preferably by playing one of the leading instruments, singing, using media and other creative arts in order to enhance worship at Hilltop Community Church.

  • Able to provide organizational oversight to all aspects of the worship ministry at Hilltop Community Church.

  • Comfortable running rehearsals with the worship team.

  • Able to provide spiritual leadership to worship ministry volunteers.

  • Coordination with the preaching pastor for worship/preaching themes will be necessary.

Other observations:

  • This position description represents only a summary of responsibilities; it is not meant to be an exhaustive list. In all likelihood, there will be other tasks related to this position that are not listed here.

  • This is a full-time position and the salary will be commensurate with candidate’s qualifications and experience.

  • The Worship Coordinator will report to the Lead Pastor

  • This position includes a 90-day trial period with an evaluation following.

To Apply:

Please  review the position description, then send a cover letter with your resume, explaining why you believe you are the right person for this ministry opportunity. Email your information to You will receive a reply email acknowledging the receipt of your cover letter and resume. We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us for any further information at this point.

About Hilltop:

Hilltop Community Church is an independent, non-denominational congregation that has been in Manfield, OH for close to 175 years. The

church is formed by a good balance of young couples with children, youth, and middle age folks. This is a loving congregation whose people are eager to learn and love to serve others in the Name of Christ.

Hilltop’s mission is to help fulfill Christ’s commission to make disciples of all nations, as found in Matthew 28.18-20.

Hilltop’s vision is that “everyone be fully engaged in the mission to reach Christ’s other friends and help them mature in their faith, so they can bring others to Christ.” As a congregation, we believe that our best years are yet to come, and we look forward with anticipation to a great time of harvest as we diligently work and rely on the Lord to help us fulfill the mission He has given our church—"to seek and find the lost,” in the words of Jesus Himself.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity before God. We believe God already has the right person for us and we will seek His wisdom and guidance throughout this process.